Wagenplatz Flugrost

Founded in March 2017 and located in Vienna, Central Europe, the Flugrost association is a sustainable community of people who live, work and perform cultural activities with the idea of mobile living and the concept of temporary use in mind: a great way to revive neglected places.

Flugrost is one of three groups in Vienna, each of them practising distinct concepts of this idea:

 → Treibstoff     → AKW Lobau     → Flugrost  

About Us

Our concept of mobile living and temporary use consists of reconstructed trucks and construction trailers to house space for living, working and research of sustainable technologies. We are a group of ten people with years of experience who collaborate in fields of energy self-sufficiency, self-supply and various D.I.Y. projects.

Places like ours contribute to a social society and overall for a better life, not just quality of living. Temporary use means reviving and reopening of urban sites which otherwise wouldn’t be accessible and thus deteriorate.

Get in Touch

We are close to the bus stops 63A Südwestfriedhof Tor 1 coming from U4 Meidling Hauptstraße and 62A Kirchfeldgasse coming from U6 Meidling.